A photo of a bespoke mobile home with flower beds and decking

An offsite static caravan can provide extremely flexible and cost effective accommodation, either on a short-term or longer-term basis.

Although most people associate static caravans with holiday parks (known as on-site caravans), there is a significant market for offsite caravans for a variety of other purposes.

For example, many people have discovered the benefits of self-build or project managing the building of a new home. Considerable savings which often translate to large profits and the chance to get exactly what you want being just a few of the advantages.

Photo of a stylish mobile home set in a woodland background.

In addition, quality new and used static caravans and lodges are used as offsite staff accommodation for a variety of industries - from seasonal personnel up to key staff. They are also commonly used as agricultural units for staff accommodation, fruit farm lodgings and site offices.

A growing trend in the UK is the supply of offsite static caravans for seasonal farm workers such as fruit pickers. This particular market demands good quality at real value for money.

Good quality pre-owned static caravans can also be found in the commercial sector (e.g. construction projects) for a variety of offsite accommodation requirements.

A photo of a typical mobile home with a for sale sign in the window

As featured on programmes such as ‘Grand Designs’, living in an offsite caravan next to the development during a self-build has many attractions.

  • Owning an offsite static caravan can be far less expensive than renting a property and can be sold on when the project is finished
  • An offsite static caravan avoids problems associated with the threat of homelessness due to the rental contract on a house ending while the build programme over-runs, which it normally does!
  • Living on the development in an offsite caravan proves a motivational force for the builders as progress is constantly monitored. It also ensures a presence for those instant decisions that are so often required
  • The security of your construction material is greatly enhanced by the fact that you are living in an offsite caravan just yards from your storage areas
  • A buy-back facility can often be available on selected offsite caravans